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Audi Window Sticker / VIN Decoder

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Evaluating an expensive luxury car? You deserve to to know which options originally were supplied with the vehicle. It could make the difference between a purchase or not, and could make all the difference in a loan approval. To make this information accessible, KnowMyVIN has been cooperating with OEM’s, Data Suppliers, and Automotive Vendors to make it easy to reproduce an original Audi Window Sticker or Audi VIN decoder.

This Audi VIN decoder can decode any 2014+ Model year Audi (older than 2014 are sporadically available).

Get an Audi Window Sticker by Submitting the VIN

Please note only 1 sticker per day is available per user. For more submissions, please inquire about bulk use and pricing.

Audi VIN Decoder Results:

These are some example results from the Audi VIN decoder:

Key Information from the Audi Vin Decoder

The Audi Sticker tool includes optional packages, individual options, and all standard items for this particular R8. The Layout is straightforward as follows:

On the very left hand side you can view:

  • The available standard options and features

  • All safety and warranty information

The center section shows:

  • Price level for the vehicle without options (Base MSRP)

  • Additional manufacturer options and their corresponding prices

  • Total vehicle price including all options included on this particular VIN

The right side contains:

EPA fuel economy

NHTSA Safety ratings in a collision

Original Delivery Dealer (or fleet)

This Audi R8 listed above – a 2017 Audi R8 V10 had an original base price of $162,900 then added another $10,915 in optional extras and delivery fees (see how nice that $5,000 Diamond Stitch Leather Interior is).

What the Window Sticker/VIN decoder won’t tell you

The window sticker is the cars "new configuration" as it came from the factory floor. So if the original dealer installed accessories, or if any of the owners installed aftermarket parts or options its not likely to show these items.

That said, the most Booksheets or KBB valuation engines don't have a means to add dealer accessories or aftermarket parts. Many times these additions actually depreciate the vehicle and in some cases can void factory warranty.

Avoid Powerbooking with the Audi Window Sticker and KnowMyVIN tools

With this Audi Window Sticker KnowMyVIN can provide complete lender and insurance solutions. This PDF format sticker is also available in API format, and also available directly mapped to KBB options and booksheets (thereby automating the asset appraisal steps of your valuations with 100% accuracy when results are returned).

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